What services do you provide for yachts?

We regularly perform pre-purchase engine surveys. This consists of an in-depth visual inspection and sea-trial data recording. We then provide a detailed report with any deficiencies noted, pictures of the deficiencies and an estimated cost to repair. This is crucial to assess the current state of the high-performance engines, gearboxes and generators in your new vessel.

What services do you provide for marine diesel engines?

We provide various electronics diagnosis, including DDEC, MDEC, and ADEC engine management systems. We offer regular service, repair or replacement of failed engine components and major engine overhauls. After our project is completed we will clean the engine bilges, touch up bolt heads with Awlgrip and ensure the engine room is left in the great condition it was when we arrived.

What to do if my yacht breaks down?

This depends on your location. Following maritime safety protocol to ensure the safety of your guests and yourself is paramount. Once it is safe for you to call, we are here to provide troubleshooting over the phone to guide you through diagnosing the issue. Once a diagnosis is completed, we can schedule a technician to travel wherever your yacht may be and make the necessary repair.

Do you have qualified technicians?

Yes. Matt Ingalls, who founded Ingalls Marine Diesel, has more than 18 years of diesel engine experience and is fully involved in all projects. He has held certifications for the MTU series 2000 since 2005. MTU procedure is followed for all repairs and service. The technicians are constantly educated about new procedures and are provided with additional in-house training.

How much do you charge for marine diesel repairs?

The cost is based on the parts & labor that are required to complete your project. We will come meet you at your vessel to discuss your needs, acquire engine maintenance history and then provide you with a detailed, accurate & competitive estimate.

What brands of parts do you offer?

We offer high-quality OEM parts for your marine diesel engine, gearbox and generator. We maintain a large inventory of service, repair and overhaul components. Because we work directly with the manufacturers, we can provide the best possible prices. Most parts can be procured within 24 hours.

Do you provide on-site repairs?

Yes, almost all of our projects are on-site repairs. Usually the vessel is behind a house, at a marina or docked at a yacht club. Located in West Palm Beach, Florida we are conveniently located within a short distance of the premier yacht clubs and marinas of South Florida.

What can I do to prevent unexpected down-time?

You can request that we come to the vessel and do an assessment of the engines, gearboxes and generators. Using that assessment and the manufacturer maintenance schedule we can make the necessary recommendations to minimize any unexpected down-time. We can also outline upcoming services so you have the ability to plan for the down-time necessary for maintenance required.